January 19, 2023

So what might the new USNews.com ranking look like?

We know what the criteria will be, and we know most (but not all) of the inputs, what we don't know is the new arbitrary "weightings."   Professor Muller (Iowa) charts the possibilities on various reasonable assumptions about weightings.  (I'm not sure those schools boycotting the rankings will do worse in the reputational surveys, but we'll see.)

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January 09, 2023

UC Law San Francisco (formerly Hastings) joins the USNews.com ranking boycott

Dean Faigman's statement is here.  I'm not sure what joining the boycott at this point means, since USNews.com has indicated it will use public data, plus its own survey data.

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January 02, 2023

Big changes coming to USNews.com rankings

USNews.com has written to law school Deans announcing some significant changes, as a result of the boycott initiated by Yale.  Here are the highlights:

1.  USNews.com will give full credit in the employment metric to "school-funded full-time long-term fellowships where bar passage is required or where the JD degree is an advantage," as well as to those also enrolled in graduate studies.  This will help Yale, but not only Yale.


2.  More significantly, USNews.com will rely entirely on the public ABA data.  (For schools that complete the surveys, USNews.com says it will make more information available, but it looks like this will not be used in the ranking.)   What the letter to the Deans did not say explicitly is what this will mean for the per capita expenditures measure, which has long been the tail that wags the dog.   Expenditures data is not among the public ABA data, which would mean that US News would have to drop it as a criterion.  That will be very significant.  Yale has been #1 for many years only because of per capita expenditures (most recently, for example, Yale was #3 in both reputational surveys of academics and practitioners); Stanford has been #2 for the same reason.  If, in fact, per capita expenditures will not be included, then there will be a massive shake-up in the rankings.


3.  Reliance on public ABA data will also affect the use of the numerical credentials of students, since the ABA reports the 75th and 25th percentile LSATs and GPAs, but not the median (which is what USNews.com uses).  One possibility is that USNews.com will simply use the median or average of the 75th and 25th, another is that they will use the reported 75th and/or 25th in a more complicated formula.  Since USNews.com runs American legal education, whatever choice they make will affect admissions decisions going forward.  (Derek Muller points out to me that the ABA does report the median credentails, so this concern is moot.   Of course it's still true that USNews.com runs American legal education!)


4.  USNews.com will give less weight to the reputational surveys.  It is unclear how much less weight.  Relatedly, more weight will be given to outcome measures, meaning employment outcomes and bar passage.


5.  USNews.com is still considering adding other factors to the ranking stew in future years:  loan forgiveness, need-based aid, "diversity and socio-economic considerations."   Adding "diversity" just as the Supreme Court is poised to render it an unlawful consideration would be ironic.


Without per capita expenditures in the mix, I would not be surprised to see Harvard come out at #1 in the Spring  But the whole rank order will be shaken up quite a bit--and in no intelligible or meaningful way of course, since the whole thing will still be a stew of factors, weighted inexplicably.  So the USNews.com "reign of terror" will continue!

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Cal Western joins USNews.com ranking boycott

Statement here.   I'm not sure what the import is of joining the boycott at this point, since I believe reporting to USNews.com was due before this announcement.  In any case, we now have, I believe, about 20 schools boycotting which will not make much difference to USNews.com's annual mischief.

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December 16, 2022

New Hampshire joins USNews.com rankings boycott

Dean Carpenter's statement is here.  Unfortunately for the boycott effort, there's still less than 20 schools boycotting.

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December 14, 2022

Some questions for law schools joining the boycott of USNews.com rankings

Dean Rutledge at the University of Georgia (a school not joining the boycott) kindly gave permission to share some questions he has both for and about law schools that are joining the boycott:

    For those schools who claim to be “boycotting/not cooperating with/posturing with respect to” US News

    1. Are they completing the reputational survey?
    2. Are they affirmatively asking not to be scored in the reputational survey?

To the extent schools claim US News "compelled" them to making "undesirable" choices [e.g., merit vs. need-based aid, overweighting numerical credentials], is there any indication that they're actually adjusting their admissions and related decisions now that they've "freed" themselves from the burden?  Let's watch the ABA 509's in December 2023.


I've heard from a number of Deans that they continue to be deluged with emails promoting schools' achievements, including from some law schools that have announced they have joined the boycott.

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December 13, 2022

Campbell Law joins boycott of USNews.com rankings

Statement here.   More law schools that are regularly and unfairly denigrated by USNews.com will need to join the boycott if this is to really affect the operations of USNews.com.

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December 09, 2022

USLaw.com ranking boycott update #2

UVA has joined the boycott.  No word yet from Texas, Vanderbilt, or Southern California, as well as most law schools outside the "top 20."

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December 06, 2022

USNews.com ranking boycott update

Penn is out, so is NYU, and so is the University of Washington in Seattle.  Virginia, Texas, Vanderbilt, and Southern California--among top schools--have made no announcement either way.   Chicago, Cornell, Wash U/St. Louis, Georgia, and George Mason have formally announced they are not joining the boycott and it's a safe assumption that any school that hasn't announced (or doesn't announce very soon) is also not joining the boycott.   Alas, if only 15 or 20 schools boycott, that will not create insurmountable obstacles for USNews.com.

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November 30, 2022

It's official: Cornell is not joining the boycott against USNews.com