Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Some questions for law schools joining the boycott of rankings

Dean Rutledge at the University of Georgia (a school not joining the boycott) kindly gave permission to share some questions he has both for and about law schools that are joining the boycott:

    For those schools who claim to be “boycotting/not cooperating with/posturing with respect to” US News

    1. Are they completing the reputational survey?
    2. Are they affirmatively asking not to be scored in the reputational survey?

To the extent schools claim US News "compelled" them to making "undesirable" choices [e.g., merit vs. need-based aid, overweighting numerical credentials], is there any indication that they're actually adjusting their admissions and related decisions now that they've "freed" themselves from the burden?  Let's watch the ABA 509's in December 2023.


I've heard from a number of Deans that they continue to be deluged with emails promoting schools' achievements, including from some law schools that have announced they have joined the boycott.

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