Thursday, August 25, 2022

Chicago alumni and fellows on the law teaching market, 2022-23


This post is strictly for schools that expect to do hiring this year.

In order to protect the privacy of our candidates, please e-mail me to get a copy of the narrative profiles of our candidates, including hyperlinks to their homepages.  All these candidates are in the first FAR distribution.

We have a small but outstanding group of five candidates this year, who cover a wide range of curricular areas, including privacy, intellectual property, law & technology, federal courts, civil procedure, election law, state and local government law, criminal law and procedure, administrative law, corporate law, securities regulation, environmental law, torts, Islamic law, law and economics, employment discrimination, race and the law, and analytical methods for lawyers.  

Our candidates include former federal appellate clerks; Law Review editors; JD/PhDs; and accomplished practitioners as well as scholars.  All have publications, sometimes multiple publications, and all have writing samples available upon request.  All also have teaching experience.

If when you e-mail, you tell me a bit about your hiring needs, I can supply some more information about all these candidates, since we have vetted them all.

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