Monday, March 21, 2022 makes more arbitrary changes to the ranking formula...

...and one can rest assured that U.S. legal education-- which is run by a defunct news magazine with a website--will adjust accordingly.  One change will be a boon for law libraries:  1% of the score (why 1%?  no one knows, not even Bob Morse) now consists in the ratio of full-time law librarians to students at a school.  That metric will also exacerbate the general bias in many aspects of the formula that favors smaller schools over larger ones, due to economies of scale.  Bar passage rates will also account for 3% rather than 2.25% (why not 10% or 15%?  no one knows, and certainly not Bob Morse), but will take into account how a school's graduates perform across jurisdictions.  If one is going to count bar passage rates, then that at least makes some sense, even if the relative weighting is inexplicable.

Unknown at the time of this writing is which other factors in the ranking stew had their weight reduced.

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