Thursday, January 6, 2022

Some blog highlights from 2021

Here are some of the most widely read posts of the last year (apart from the "most cited" posts based on the Sisk data):

Harvard law professor writes article about Japanese "comfort women"... (February)

A serious academic freedom violation at the University of San Diego School of Law (March)

Corporate Practice Commentator's 10 Best Articles of 2020 (April)

The class composition of the student body at Yale Law School (May)

The Northwestern Law Dean search (May)

Is the age bias in law school hiring a thing of the past? (June)

Call by ABA for comments on significant proposed changes to standard pertaining to non-discrimination and curriculum (June)

A look at this year's lateral moves by race and gender (June)

Do academic norms and politics mix?  The Case of Richard W. Painter (July)

Citation counts vary by field (August)

U.S. News is not going to produce its own scholarly impact rankings using HeinOnLine (August)

Ten lateral faculty move that made law professors take notice during 2020-21 (August)

University of Minnesota law professor calls out his colleague Richard Painter's lies (September)

Sag v. Sisk on scholarly impact rankings (September)

Simon Lazarus YLS '67 on Yale Law School's problems and what to do about them (November)

University of Illinois-Chicago has gone crazy:  the latest on the Kilborn case (December)

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