Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Lateral hires with tenure or on tenure-track, 2021-22

These are non-clinical appointments that will take effect in 2022 (except where noted); I will move the list to the front at various intervals as new additions come in.   (Recent additions will be put in bold.)  Last year's list is here.


*Michelle Adams (civil rights, constitutional law, law & race) from Cardozo Law School/Yeshiva University to the University of Michigan.


*Mario Barnes (constitutional law, criminal law, national security law, race & the law) from the University of Washington, Seattle (where he is Dean) back to the University of California, Irvine (effective January 2022).


*John R. Brooks (tax law & policy) from Georgetown University to Fordham University.


*Kami Chavis (criminal law & procedure) from Wake Forest University to the College of William & Mary.


*Ming Hsu Chen (administrative, immigiration, and constitutional law; law & society) from the University of Colorado, Boulder to the University of California, Hastings.


*Raff Donelson (criminal law & procedure, jurisprudence) from Pennsylvania  State University-Dickinson School of Law to Chicago-Kent College of Law/Illinois Institute of Technology.


*Doron Dorfman (health & disability law, employment discrimination, empirical legal studies) from Syracuse University to Seton Hall University.


*Tabrez Y. Ebrahim (law & technology, patent law, property) from California Western School of Law to Lewis & Clark (untenured lateral).


*Taleed El-Sabawi (health law & policy) from Elon University to Florida International University (untenured lateral).


*Brenner Fissell (criminal law, local government law, military law) from Hofstra University to Villanova University (untenured lateral).


*Matthew L.M. Fletcher (Federal Indian law) from Michigan State University to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


*Marissa Jackson Sow (property, contracts, law & race) from St. Johns University to the University of Richmond (untenured lateral).


*Shirley Lin (employment law, antidiscrimination law, law & gender, law & race) from Pace University to Brooklyn Law School (untenured lateral).


*M. Elizabeth Magill (administrative law, constituional law) from the University of Virginia (where she is Provost) to the University of Pennsylvania (to become President).


*Jonathan Marshfield (constitutional law [federal and state]) from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln to the University of Florida, Gainesville (untenured lateral).


*Seema Mohapatra (health law, bioethics) previously tenured at Indiana University, Indianapolis, currently visiting at Southern Methodist University, to a tenured position at Southern Methodist University.


*Rafael Pardo (bankruptcy,  commercial law) from Emory University to Washington University, St. Louis.


*Anna Roberts (evidence, criminal law & procedure) from St. John's University to Brooklyn Law School. 


*Clare Ryan (family law, human rights) from Louisiana State University to the University of Alabama (untenured lateral).


*Amy Schmitz (alternative dispute resolution, law & technology, consumer law) from the University of Missouri, Columbia to Ohio State University (effective January 2022).


*Andrea Schneider (alternative dispute resolution, negotiation) from Marquette University to Cardozo Law School/Yeshiva University.


*Sean Seymore (patent law, law & science, remedies, evidence) from the University of Notre Dame back to Vanderbilt University.


*Saurabh Vishnubhakat (intellectual property, administrative law, civil procedure) from Texas A&M University to Cardozo Law School/Yeshiva University.


*Shelley Welton (environmental law, energy law) from the University of South Carolina to the University of Pennsylvania.


*Lindsay Wiley (health law) from American University to University of California, Los Angeles (effective January 2022).


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