Monday, December 13, 2021

Faculty under 50 on the "most cited" lists (CORRECTED)

Lawprof Scott Dodson (Hastings) kindly shared a list of faculty under the age of 50 who have appeared on the "most-cited" lists for the period 2016-2020.   Law schools with three or more faculty on the "under 50" list are:  Chicago (7), Harvard (7), Yale (7), Georgetown (6), NYU (5), William & Mary (3).  On a per capita basis (as a percentage of the tenured faculty at each school), the top five schools are:

1.  University of Chicago (18%)

2.  Yale University (14%)

3.  College of William & Mary (11%)

4.  Harvard University (8%)

5.  Georgetown University (7%)

Persons Under 50 Appearing on the Most-Cited Lists
Name Institution Field
Andrew Guthrie Ferguson American Criminal Law
Amanda Frost American Immigration (partly)
Jennifer Chacon Berkeley Immigration
Angela Onwuachi-Willig Boston University Critical Theory (and partly Labor & Employment and Family Law)
Frank Pasquale Brooklyn Law & Tech
Anthony Casey Chicago Commercial Law
William Baude Chicago Constitutional Law
Aziz Huq Chicago Constitutional Law
Sonja Starr Chicago Criminal Law
Daniel Hemel Chicago Intellectual Property (partly) and Tax (partly)
Jonathan Masur Chicago Law & Econ (and partly Intellectual Property)
Lior Strahilevitz Chicago Property (partly)
Shyam Balganesh Columbia Intellectual Property
Jedidiah Purdy Columbia Property (partly)
Nancy Leong Denver Critical Theory
Brandon Garrett Duke Criminal Law
Ethan Leib Fordham Legislation/Statutory Interpretation (partly)
Joshua Wright George Mason Antitrust
Ilya Somin George Mason Immigration (partly)
Michael Abramowicz George Washington Law & Econ
Daniel Solove George Washington Law & Tech
Adam Levitin Georgetown Commercial Law
Michael Pardo Georgetown Evidence
Paul Ohm Georgetown Law & Tech
Josh Chafetz Georgetown Legislation/Statutory Interpretation
Anita Krishnakumar Georgetown Legislation/Statutory Interpretation
Brian Galle Georgetown Tax (partly)
Oren Bar-Gill Harvard Commercial Law
Nicholas Stephanopoulos Harvard Election Law
I. Glenn Cohen Harvard Health (and partly Family Law)
Rebecca Tushnet Harvard Intellectual Property
Matthew Stephenson Harvard Legislation/Statutory Interpretation (and partly Admin/Envi)
Jacob Gersen Harvard Legislation/Statutory Interpretation (partly)
Robert Sitkoff Harvard Property
Justin Levinson Hawaii Law & Social Science
David Gamage Indiana-Bloomington Tax
Justin Levitt Loyola LA Election Law (runner up)
Nicholas Bagley Michigan Health
Jill Hasday Minnesota Family Law
Daniel Schwarcz Minnesota Torts
Woodrow Hartzog Northweastern Law & Tech
Michael Kang Northwestern Election Law
Max Schanzenbach Northwestern Property
C. Scott Hemphill NYU Antitrust
Erin Murphy NYU Evidence
Melissa Murray NYU Family Law
Adam Cox NYU Immigration (and partly Election Law)
Jeanne Fromer NYU Intellectual Property
Christopher Walker Ohio State Admin/Envi
Cesar Garcia Hernandez Ohio State Immigration
David Hoffman Penn Law & Social Science (and partly Commercial Law)
Orly Lobel San Diego Labor & Employment (and partly Law & Tech)
Colleen Chien Santa Clara Intellectual Property
Michelle Mello Stanford Health
Lisa Larrimore Ouellette Stanford Intellectual Property
Stephen Vladeck Texas International Law & National Security
Scott Dodson UC Hastings Civil Procedure
Ryan Calo University of Washington Law & Tech
Michael Kagan UNLV Immigration
D. Daniel Sokol USC Antitrust
Edward Cheng Vanderbilt Evidence
Michael Livermore Virginia Admin/Envi
David Law Virginia Law & Social Science
Neil Richards Washington University Law & Tech
A. Benjamin Spencer William & Mary Civil Procedure (runner up)
Jeffrey Bellin William & Mary Evidence (partly)
Aaron-Andrew Bruhl William & Mary Legislation/Statutory Interpretation
Douglas Nejaime Yale Family Law
Christina Rodriguez Yale Immigration
Oona Hathaway Yale International Law & National Security
Samuel Moyn Yale Legal History
John Witt Yale Legal History
Abbe Gluck Yale Legislation/Statutory Interpretation (and partly Health)
Yair Listokin Yale Tax (partly)

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