Tuesday, September 14, 2021

U of Minnesota law professor calls out Richard Painter's misrepresentations

A brief follow-up on yesterday's post about Richard Painter's serial dishonesty.   In typical Trumpian fashion, Richard simply doubled-down on his lies yesterday.  But now his Minnesota colleague, Professor Daniel Schwarcz--with whom I had the original discussion about academic freedom that Richard has misrepresented in dozens of posts over the last seven weeks--has weighed in.  While Professor Schwarcz disagrees with me about the academic freedom issue, he did note the following:Scharcz on Painter
Professor Schwarcz put the point more strongly in an email to me:  "I am truly sorry that you've had to endure what, I agree, has been a terrible misrepresentation of your statements and attempt to twitter-harass you."  I thank Professor Schwarcz for his tweet and for permission to quote from his email to me.  Richard's bad behavior puts his colleagues in a difficult position, and I know a number of them are embarrassed about all this.  I am grateful to Professor Schwarcz for speaking out, and I hope others will as well.

ADDENDUM:  A funny email this morning from a law professor in California:  "I looked at Painter's twitter feed last night. It is amazing, both in terms of how much time he spends on it and how much of it is unhinged vitriol. It is a shame that faculty do not have a 25th amendment to invoke against their colleagues in situations like this."


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