Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Standards Committee ignores critics, and does what it wants

What an embarrassment.  (Criticisms of the proposed changes available here including from all the Sterling Professors at Yale Law School, as well as David Bernstein [George Mason], Eric Biber [Berkeley], Thomas Gallanis [Iowa], Alan Z. Rozenshtein [Minnesota], and Steven Davidsoff Solomon [Berkeley], among others--direct link to all comments here.)  The Committee has obviously been captured by special interests, who are more concerned with posturing than the costs it is imposing on law schools.  If this wasteful and ill-considered proposal is to be stopped, it will have to be at the next stages.

ADDENDUM:  Twitter commentary from Professors Jonathan Adler (Case Western) and David Hoffman (Penn).  (UPDATE:  Prof. Hoffman emails to tell me his tweets auto-delete after only a day, so his comment is no longer there.  My tweets auto-delete after a couple of months [2 or 3 months, I can't now remember how I set it], but after 24 hours is a new record!)

ANOTHER:   Everyone's favorite Twitter buffoon thinks that anyone skeptical about the ABA proposals must not be serious about "racism in legal education."  I hope the Sterling Professors at Yale will take note, not to mention his colleague Professor Rozenshtein!


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