Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Corporate Practice Commentator's 10 Best Articles of 2020

This and prior lists are available at the website of Professor Robert Thompson (Georgetown).  Here are the winners for 2020 (with academic affiliations, where authors have them):

Bartlett, Robert (Berkeley); Partnoy, Frank (Berkeley). The Misuse of Tobin's q.  73 Vand. L. Rev. 353-424 (2020).

Barzuza, Michal (Virginia); Curtis, Quinn (Virginia); Webber David H. (Boston University). Shareholder Value(s): Index Fund ESG Activism and the New Millennial Corporate Governance.  93 S. Cal. L. Rev. 1243-1322 (2020).

Cain, Matthew D. (Berkeley); Griffith, Sean J. (Fordham); Jackson, Jr., Robert J. (NYU); and Solomon, Steven Davidoff (Berkeley). Does Revlon Matter? An Empirical and Theoretical Study. 108 Cal. L. Rev. 1683-1731 (2020).

Ellias, Jared A. (UC Hastings); Stark, Robert J.  Bankruptcy Hardball. 108 Cal. L. Rev. 745-788 (2020).

Griffith, Sean J. (Fordham).  Deal Insurance: Representation and Warranty Insurance in Mergers and Acquisitions.  104 Minn. L. Rev. 1839-1920 (2020).

Hemphill, C. Scott (NYU); Kahan, Marcel (NYU). The Strategies of Anticompetitive Common Ownership.  129 Yale L. J. 1392- 1459 (2020).

Kahan, Marcel (NYU); Rock, Edward B. (NYU). Index Funds and Corporate Governance: Let Shareholders be Shareholders100 B.U. L. Rev. 1753 (2020).

Lipton, Ann M (Tulane). Not Everything Is about Investors: The Case for Mandatory Stakeholder Disclosure.  37 Yale J. on Reg. 499- 572 (2020).

Nili, Yaron (Wisconsin); Hwang, Cathy (Virginia). Shadow Governance. 108 Calif. L. Rev. 1097-1146 (2020).

Pollman, Elizabeth (Penn). Private Company Lies. 109 Geo. L.J. 353-403 (2020).

Subramanian, Guhan (Harvard); Zhao, Annie. Go-Shops Revisited. 133 Harv. L. Rev. 1215-1279 (2020).

Tuch, Andrew F (Wash U/St. Louis). Reassessing Self-Dealing: Between No Conflict and Fairness. 88 Fordham L. Rev. 939-998 (2019).

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