Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Rostron & Levit update their invaluable guide to submitting to law reviews

They write:


We  just updated our charts about law journal submissions, expedites, and rankings from different sources for the Spring 2021 submission season covering the 199 main journals of each law school.   

We have created hyperlinks for each law review to take you directly to the law review’s submissions page. Again the chart includes as much information as possible about what law reviews are not accepting submissions right now and what months they say they’ll resume accepting submissions.

Washington and Lee has changed its methodology on law review statistics.  Now Washington and Lee only ranks the top 400 law review (many of which are specialty journals, online supplements, etc.), so not all flagship journals are now ranked by them.  But we put in the data for those that are ranked.  [BL comment:  the W&L data is junk, ignore it]

As many of you also know, ExpressO has announced that it will be shutting down its submission service for law reviews.  The last day to submit to law reviews through ExpressO will be March 31, and the service will shut down on June 30.

As for submission methods, there is a slight shift, since Fall 2020, toward either preferring or allowing direct email submissions to law reviews:

Will accept any of ExpressO, Scholastica, or law review email 27

ExpressO only                                                                           4

Prefers ExpressO or law review email                                      18

ExpressO or Scholastica                                                          10

Strongly prefers or only accepts Scholastica                             49

Prefers Scholastica, but also accepts law review email              19

Either Scholastica or law review email                                      21

Prefers or only accepts law review email                                   39

Web portals                                                                               7

Postal mail                                                                                 2

All-symposia format                                                                  2

The first chart contains information about each journal’s preferences about methods for submitting articles (e.g., e-mail, ExpressO, Scholastica, or regular mail), as well as special formatting requirements and how to request an expedited review.  The second chart contains rankings information from U.S. News and World Report  (overall, peer, lawyers and judges), as well as data from Washington & Lee’s law review website (citation count, impact factor, and combined ratings).

Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews and Journals:  http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1019029 

We would welcome your forwarding of this link to anyone you think might be interested.   We appreciate any feedback you might have.

Happy writing!

All the best,

Allen and Nancy

Professor Allen Rostron

William R. Jacques Constitutional Law Scholar and Professor of Law


Professor Nancy Levit

Associate Dean for Faculty and Curators’ Distinguished Professor and Edward D. Ellison Professor of Law



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