Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Faculty at the top five schools in scholarly impact who began their careers outside the top 18


Following up on an earlier post, I thought it would be interesting to look at where tenure-stream academic faculty at top law schools began their academic career.  I'll limit this round to the top five law schools in scholarly impact; I'll expand the list to the top ten or so in a future post.  I list, below, the school where the faculty member began their legal academic career in parentheses after their name (this may not be the school they were hired from by one of the top five schools):

Columbia University:   Fletcher (Washington/Seattle), Fox (Indiana/Bloomington), Franke (Arizona), Hamburger (Connecticut), Harcourt (Arizona), Mann (Wash U/St. Louis), Monaghan (BU), Richman (Fordham), Sanger (Santa Clara), R. Scott (William & Mary), Seo (Iowa).

Harvard University:   Brennan (Drexel), Brown-Nagin (Wash U/St. Louis), Gordon-Reed (New York Law School), Lazarus (Indiana/Bloomington), Mann (Connecticut), Natapoff (Loyola/Los Angeles), Okediji (Oklahoma), Rabb (Boston College), Roe (Rutgers-Newark), Singer (BU), Stilt (Washington/Seattle).

New York University:  B. Adler (George Mason), Arlen (Emory), Beebe (Cardozo), de Burca (Fordham), First (Toledo), Frommer (Fordham), Gillette (BU), Golove (Arizona), Huslebosch (St. Louis), Richards (Fordham), Strandburg (DePaul), Upham (Ohio State),

University of Chicago:   Bernstein (BU), Dharmapalla (Illinois), Ginsburg (Illinois), Helmholz (Wash U/St. Louis), Leiter (San Diego), McAdams (Chicago-Kent), Starr (Maryland).

Yale University:   Balkin (Missouri/Kansas City), Kronman (Minnesota), Macey (Emory), NeJaime (Loyola/Los Angeles), G. Priest (Puget Sound), Schleicher (George Mason), Schultz (Wisconsin), Shapiro (Cardozo), Torres (Pittsburgh).

Here are the schools with 2 or more former faculty now in the "top 5."

Boston University (4)

Fordham University (3)

University of Arizona (3)

Washington University, St. Louis (3)

Cardozo Law School/Yeshiva University (2)

Emory University (2)

George Mason University (2)

Indiana University, Bloomington (2)

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles (2)

University of Connecticut, Hartford (2)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2)

University of Washington, Seattle (2)

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