Friday, August 14, 2020

AALS jobs bulletin is out

I count 32 AALS-member schools that are advertising, in several cases for multiple positions (roughly half the number last year, if my memory is correct).  As noted earlier, more than 100 schools have constituted appointments committees, but some are only looking at laterals I've learned, while others are probably constituted in case it's possible to hire.  I should note I've already heard from one law school (not a top 20 school) that is planning on hiring that has not advertised in the bulletin.

UPDATE:  I've now looked at the first AALS job bulletin from last August, and there were 76 accredited schools advertising, some (again) for multiple positions.  So the drop this year is by more than 50%.  Some schools may yet return to the market, of course, depending on developments in the months ahead.

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