Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A law professor felled by COVID-19 after a 50-year teaching career

Blog Emperor Caron has a very nice memorial for his colleague Jim McGoldrick, who taught at Pepperdine for a half-century, where he was clearly a beloved teacher; from Dean Caron's memorial:

As a faculty member and then Dean, I witnessed first hand Jim's incredible talent and dedication as a teacher. Courtney and I have hosted hundreds of students in our home for dinners in my three years as dean, and we always go around the table asking students which professor has had the biggest impact on them. Jim's name is mentioned time after time after time -- the students simply loved him. And Jim loved his students. I will never forget discussing with Jim how we could minimize the impact of his COVID-19 illness on his students moments before he was to be put on a ventilator. I am in awe that, in that scary moment, Jim's main concern was his students.

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