Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New "Emergency Relief Fund" for law students, funded by Access Lex, administered by law schools (Michael Simkovic)

The Access Lex Institute is providing $5 million in total to fund an emergency relief fund for students at each of 200 law schools.  Each law school will receive $25,000.  Law schools will be responsible for administering the funds to assist students in need.  

The press release describes the purpose of the funds as follows:

"Beyond the concerns around adapting to online learning, completion of hands-on legal clinics, and the potential for delays in the bar exam, this crisis has exacerbated financial pressures on law students . . . It is imperative that we act on our mission to positively impact the lives of law students in a tangible way when they need the support most" 

Access Lex will provide more details about the program later this week. 

The funds should be particularly helpful to law schools with small class sizes and limited resources.  JD class sizes at law schools range from more than 500 students per year to less than 50.


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