Thursday, January 23, 2020

Lateral hires with tenure or on tenure-track, 2019-20

These are non-clinical appointments that will take effect in 2020 (except where noted); I will move the list to the front at various intervals as new additions come in.   (Recent additions are in bold.)  Last year's list is here.  Feel free to e-mail me with news of additions to this list.


*Bryan Adamson (civil procedure, civil rights, media law) from Seattle University to Case Western Reserve University.


*Mario Biagioli (intellectual property, history of intellectual property, science and technology studies) from the University of California, Davis (Law and Science & Technology Studies) to the University of California, Los Angeles (joint in Law and Communications).


*Shawn Boyne (criminal law & procedure, comparative law) from Indiana University, Indianapolis to Iowa State University (to become Director of Academic Quality and Undergraduate Education [ISU does not have a law school])


*William Wilson Bratton (corporate law) from the University of Pennsylvania (where he will become emeritus) to the University of Miami.


*Kimberly Clausing (public finance, tax, international trade) from Reed College (Economics) to the University of California, Los Angeles.


*Raff Donelson (criminal procedure & law, jurisprudence) from Louisiana State University to Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law (untenured lateral).


*Andrew Guthrie Ferguson (criminal law & procedure, evidence) from the University of the District of Columbia to American University.


*Paul Gowder (constitutional law, political and legal theory) from the University of Iowa to Northwestern University.


*Thea Johnson (criminal law & procedure, evidence) from the University of Maine to Rutgers University (untenured lateral).


*Ali Rod Khadem (Islamic law, business law) from Deakin University to Suffolk University (untenured lateral).


*Brendan S. Maher (health law, ERISA) from the University of Connecticut to Texas A&M University.


*Goldburn P. Maynard, Jr. (tax law & policy) from the University of Louisville to Indiana University, Bloomington (Business School) (untenured lateral).


*Derek Muller (election law) from Pepperdine University to the University of Iowa.


*Christopher Odinet (consumer finance, commercial law, property) from the University of Oklahoma to the University of Iowa.


*Alexander Pearl (water law, natural resources law, Federal Indian law) from Texas Tech University to the University of Oklahoma.


*Tracy Hresko Pearl (criminal law, torts, law & technology) from Texas Tech University to the University of Oklahoma.


*Elizabeth Pollman (corporate law) from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles to the University of Pennsylvania (effective January 2020).


*Carla L. Reyes (law & technology, secured transactions) from Michigan State University to Southern Methodist University (untenured lateral).


*Christopher Robertson (health law, bioethics, torts) from the University of Arizona to Boston University.


*Jasmine Gonzales Rose (evidence, civil rights, Critical Race Theory) from the University of Pittsburgh to Boston University.


*Elizabeth Rosenblatt (intellectual property, Cyberlaw) from Whittier College to the University of Tulsa.


*Mark Schultz (intellectual property) from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale to the University of Akron (effective Jan. 2020).


*Matthew Shapiro (civil procedure, ADR, private law theory) from Hofstra University to Rutgers University (untenured lateral).


*Nicholas Stephanopoulos (election law & voting rights) from the University of Chicago to Harvard University (effective January 2020).


*Karen Tani (legal history) from the University of California, Berkeley to the University of Pennsylvania.


*Gerald Torres (environmental law, Federal Indian law, critical race theory) from Cornell University (Law School) to the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (with a secondary appointment at the Law School likely, but not officail yet)


*Stacey Tovino (health law, bioethics) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to the University of Oklahoma.


*Alan Trammell (civil procedure, federal courts, conflicts) from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville to Washington & Lee University (untenured lateral).


*Ann Tweedy (Federal Indian Law) from practice (previously Hamline University) to the University of South Dakota (untenured lateral) (effective January 2020).

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