Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It's good the AALS has created a new website about careers in law teaching...

...but not so good that they simply pilfered Prof. Lawsky's data (without even crediting her by name).  Professor Lawksy comments here.

UPDATE:  This morning (July 17), James Greif, Director of Communications for the AALS wrote me, and gave me permission to share his message:

I noticed your post about our website “Becoming a Law Teacher” and wanted to let you know that not including Professor Lawsky’s name along with her data was an oversight on our part. We have reached out to her and are in the process of correcting the error on our site, per her updated post. Not recognizing her work was not our intention and proper attributions will be up shortly.

Thank you for your attention to this issue and your coverage of legal education issues on your blog.

ANOTHER:  It turns out there is other pilfered material on the new AALS law teaching website.  I have alerted them to it.  This may all be inadvertent, but it is still disgraceful for a professional organization.


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