Thursday, June 6, 2019

2019 entry-level hiring report, the results (CORRECTED & UPDATED, 6/6/19)

Courtesy of Professor Lawksy of Northwestern, as always.  I was surprised that there weren't more total hires this year, given how the market began.  It no doubt helped that there were fewer candidates, even though the total number of hires barely budged.

We can compare the results by school to the number of alumni in the first FAR, which is increasingly the only one that matters; here is the percentage succcess rate of candidates by school of graduation:

Yale University (60%)

Stanford University (58%)

University of Chicago (56%)

University of Michigan (50%)

University of Virginia (50%)

Northwestern University (40%)

Harvard University (39%)

Cornell University (33%) (only 3 candidates on market)

New York University (28%)

University of California, Berkeley (18%) [note:  there are Berkeley hires not yet reflected in the Lawsky data]

Columbia University (13%)

University of California, Los Angeles (13%)

University of Pennsylvania (13%)

As a point of personal privilege, I'll note this understates our success rate, since one Chicago graduate got a tenure-track offer from us, but decided to take a tenure-track job at Stanford's Graduate School of Business instead; if he were counted (he was not in Prof. Lawsky's tally), our success rate would be 60% (he was not in the first FAR).   (Of course, other law schools may also have had graduates who turned down tenure-track jobs for tenure-track jobs in other fields.)

(I didn't have data on the number of Vanderbilt and Georgetown graduates on the market, so they are not included here.)

ADDENDUM:   Here's the comparable data from a few years ago.

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