Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Links to all the "Most Cited" law faculty lists for 2013-2017

These were posted, starting last August.  Here's all the links in a single post for the convenience of readers.  (You might start with this post:  In a USNews.com world, don't confuse citations with quality.)  All these lists are for the period 2013-2017, inclusive.  The parenthetical number indicates the number of most-cited faculty listed.

Top 50 Law Schools based on scholarly impact

Schools with highest percentage of tenured faculty on most-cited lists

Ten Most Cited Law Faculty Overall

Antitrust (10)

Civil Procedure (10)

Commercial Law (10)

Constitutional Law (20)

Corporate Law & Securities Regulation (20)

Criminal Law & Procedure (20)

Critical Theories of Law (Feminist and Critical Race) (20)

Election Law (10)

Evidence (10)

Family Law (10)

Intellectual Property & Cyberlaw (20)

International Law & Security (20)

Law & Economics (15)

Law & Philosophy (10)

Law & Social Science (15)

Legal Ethics/Legal Profession (10)

Legal History (10)

Property Law (10)

Public Law (excluding Constitutional) (25)

    (includes administrative, environmental, legislation/statutory interpretation, regulatory law)

Tax (10)

Torts and Insurance Law (10)


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