Wednesday, August 1, 2018

On filling out the FAR form, Part III

(Part I is here and Part II is here.)

Under "Major Published Writings" you can list up to five items, though you can also include a "total publication" count greater than that.  If you have no published writings, or only one or two, you may also list your job-talk paper, but indicate that's what it is:  "(job-talk paper)"   Do not list articles for bar journals, or opinion pieces in newspapers--those can go on a CV, but are not "major" published writings for purposes here.  If you do list such ephemera, schools will draw the conclusion that you are simply "padding" since you lack real scholarly writing.

And now a word on the AALS's idiotic decision to add two new categories to the FAR form this year:  "Student Leadership" and "Community Servce."  Applying for a job in law teaching is not like applying for admission to college, where admissions officers expect everyone to demonstrate "leadership" and "community service" and other public-spiritedness.   Whoever at AALS made the silly decision to add these categories to the FAR form should be replaced with an adult familiar with the law teaching market!   Job seekers should feel free to leave these blank, unless they have something pertinent.   Most questions I'm getting seem to be about "community service":  this can include pro bono legal work, service on the boards of non-profits and other community organizations, and the like.  But don't take up too much space with this stuff, it isn't relevant, and hiring schools know it isn't relevant.

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