Tuesday, August 28, 2018

In a USNews.com world, don't confuse citation counts with quality

I assume this is obvious, but just in case let me say it:   citation counts have a very imperfect correlation with quality.  But in a world where law faculties are ranked by Bob Morse, an ignorant non-academic looking to make a living, we need alternative metrics that reflect what we in the legal academy actually do.  There are many first-rate scholars who are as good as any of those on the various lists I have been and will be posting but who didn't happen to make them; off the top of my head:  in law & philosophy, Mark Greenberg (UCLA) and Stephen Perry (Penn); in law & economics, Eric Talley (Columbia) and Abraham Wickelgren (Texas); in legal history, Risa Goluboff (Virginia) and Sally Gordon (Penn); in empirical legal studies, Anup Malani (Chicago) and Ed Morrison (Columbia); in administrative law, Anne O'Connell (Stanford) and Ed Rubin (Vanderbilt); and many others.



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