Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Now the rest of the top 40 law faculties in terms of scholarly excellence

This is the follow-up to the poll last week, seeking to evaluate 30 additional law faculties that might have some claim to being in the "top 40" for scholarly distinction.  Recall that UC Irvine and Minnesota rounded out the top 21, so this poll will rank 22 through 40.  Have fun!   Remember that the listing of faculty is merely representative (basically, the roughly 15 most-cited faculty at each school), but you may of course take into account other faculty at the school in assessing its scholarly strength.  Also, note that the poll will ask you to rank 1-30, but only "the top 19" will "win," i.e., fill out the top 40 when conjoined with the earlier poll.

UPDATE:  There's a typo in the Hastings faculty list:  the last person should be Joan C. Williams (not "John").  And for Notre Dame, it's "Richard Garnett" (not "Barnett").   In addition, Thomas Mitchell is wrongly listed with Wisconsin; he is now the Interim Dean at Texas A&M (Ann Althouse is also retired at Wisconsin).

PLEASE NOTE:  Any school that uses social media to rally voters will be disqualified from the results!  It is fine, however, to e-mail colleagues to invite them to participate in the survey; this will help wash out some of the attempts at strategic voting that affects the early results.  But no twitter or Facebook or blog postings about this!  (Please e-mail me if you spot violations of our strict survey protocol!)

ANOTHER ERROR OF OMISSION:  Stewart Sterk was supposed to have been on the Cardozo Law School faculty list.  Someone just pointed out that he was left off in error.

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