Thursday, September 15, 2016

Professor Choudhry sues Berkeley

Hardly surprising given Berkeley's bad behavior:  in addition to his due process claims (where his claims, I think, are strong), he is also suing them for violating equal protection because of his ethnic and national status.   I'm inclined to think that probably did not play a role in Berkeley's bad behavior, but he's quite right to make that claim under the circumstances.

UPDATE:  I've now reviewed the complaint, which is nicely done.  I think the equal protection claim is, in fact, a brilliant strategic move, since it puts at issue how Berkeley has treated Caucasian faculty found guilty of far worse violations of the sexual harassment policies of the university; if the lawsuit proceeds, all of that "dirty laundry" will be aired in public.  This will give Berkeley additional reason to reach a settlement, quite apart from the fact that the renewed pursuit of Prof. Choudhry is obviously motivated by political considerations and an attempt to improve the University's legal status in the lawsuit brought by Ms. Sorrell, Prof. Choudhry's former assistant.

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