Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Professor Choudhry continues to pursue a grievance with Berkeley's Committee on Privilege and Tenure

His letter, supplied by his lawyers, is here:   Download 2016-08-01 -- Ltr to Paxson

I do wonder when some other Berkeley faculty are going to start speaking up about this case.   Nothing in the public record suggests that anything that has transpired comes close to grounds for revoking tenure, and the fact that this issue was only raised after political pressure from the President of the UC System casts a pall over the fairness of these proceedings.  The Privilege and Tenure Committee of a great university ought to stand up to this political bullying.

UPDATE:  A reader points out that Berkley Law Prof. Eric Rakowski did speak out about this several months ago.  Kudos to Prof. Rakowski, I hope his colleagues will follow suit; members of the law faculty, in particular, ought to be at the forefront of defending the values of fair process in a matter like this.

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