Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Number of "highly-cited" law faculty by school

So far, we've covered 15 specialty areas (putting to one side the "ten most-cited list" all of whom showed up elsewhere obviously):   Constitutional & Public Law, Corporate Law & Securities Regulation, Commercial Law, International Law, Administrative and/or Environmental Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Intellectual Property, Civil Procedure, Property, Tax, Evidence, Law & Economics, Law & Social Science (excluding Economics), Legal History, and Law & Philosophy.   Some more areas will be coming during the summer, but now seems a good time to take a look a the breakdown of faculty affiliations.  Schools differ in faculty size, of course, so I've put them into three rough clusters--the number of ranked faculty (no one was counted twice, even if they appeared more than once) appears in parentheses after the school.  I only listed schools with at least five faculty on the lists.

Schools with roughly 80-100 tenured faculty

New York University (22)

Harvard University (21)

Georgetown University (10)

Schools with roughly 50-65 tenured faculty

Yale University (22)

Columbia University (17)

University of California, Berkeley (15)

University of California, Los Angeles (10)

George Washington University (7)

University of Texas, Austin (7)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (6)

University of Virginia (5)

Schools with roughly 45 or fewer tenured faculty

University of Chicago (13)

Stanford University (12)

Duke University (9)

University of Pennsylvania (9)

Vanderbilt University (8)

Cornell University (7)

Northwestern University (6)

University of California, Irvine (5)

University of Minnesota (5) 


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