Thursday, June 2, 2016

Documents connect Dan Markel's ex-wife's family to murder-for-hire plot

Alas, that always seemed the most likely explanation:

Investigators believe the killing of Dan Markel stemmed from the "desperate desire" by his ex-wife Wendi Adelson's family to relocate her, taking the couple’s children to South Florida, according to unsealed court documents.

Investigators also believe that Wendi Adelson’s brother, Charles Adelson, was "personally involved" with the girlfriend of Sigfredo Garcia, who has been charged in Markel's shooting, at one point.  

(Thanks to Ryan Doerfler for the pointer.)

UPDATE:  And more details:

Adelson's parents wanted their daughter and grandchildren to relocate to South Florida. Markel  claimed Adelson's mother, Donna Adelson "made disparaging remarks abut him to his sons."

According to the unsealed probable cause affidavit, "Markel sought asking the court to prohibit Donna from having unsupervised time with her grandchildren and to impose limitations to prevent the children from being subjected to disparaging comments about their father."

Charming people.  One wonders how many of the Adelson family members will be implicated?  I imagine the Markel family in Toronto will be contemplating legal action to secure custody of the grandchildren, especially if the ex-wife is also implicated.  The Adelsons, other than the ex-wife, appear to run this family dentistry practice in South Florida.

ANOTHER:  The full probable cause affidavit.  One has the impression from this that some of the Adelsons are likely to be arrested.

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