Thursday, January 21, 2016

The rookie market for law professors is clearly a bit stronger this year...

...but the lateral market seems a bit sleepy, at least compared to last year.  Admittedly, most lateral hires this year are likely to come in the ensuing months.  In any case, please e-mail me if I've missed lateral moves of academic faculty with tenure.

UPDATE:  A colleague elsewhere writes:  "I’ve heard from at least 3 schools where I might have been interested in lateraling that they are looking to the entry market instead – lots of cheaper candidates, and better odds of getting them right now. It makes little sense that you would go for an unknown quantity to shave a few bucks, but my uninformed guess is that is what’s happening."   Actually, for many schools still facing budgetary issues, this may make a lot of sense.  How widespread these considerations are I do not know.

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