Thursday, January 30, 2014

More factual problems for law school bashers: law students are not unhappier now than they were before the recession

Indeed, a solid majority report themselves "satisfied" with their law school experience.  As with all inconvenient facts, this will have no impact on the cyber-crazies

An amusing, but related anecdote:  a former student told me he tried to challenge one of the hysterical scam bloggers about his claim that "a very large percentage of alumni wind up out of the law within a few years and much of the remainder had higher earnings potential at 35 than they do at 55" and that "most BigLaw associates are gone by year 5 to lower-bracket employment options."   The challenge consisted of:  what is the evidence for these claims (since none had been cited or linked)?  The scam-blogger didn't even approve the question for the comment section, and no answer has been forthcoming.  Hardly surprising, since the law school bashing has become an utterly fact-free pastime (at least when it doesn't devolve into cyber-harassment and sexist abuse.)

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