Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hiring in bankruptcy and/or commercial law?

Michael Simkovic at Seton Hall is now well-known to readers of this blog, but due to the notorious situation at Seton Hall (where all untenured faculty have been told they may be let go at the end of this academic year due to budgetary concerns), he is on the teaching market for the first time.  (Seton Hall hired him directly out of practice.)   His references include Douglas Baird (Chicago), Steven Davidoff (Berkeley), Jesse Fried (Harvard), David Skeel (Penn), and a certain U.S. Senator who may be a bit hard to reach these days; his Seton Hall colleagues Patrick Hobbs (the Dean), Stephen Lubben, and Charlie Sullivan  are also available as references. I have heard unsolicited from well-known senior scholars in his field that Prof. Simkovic is doing good work (and not just on the economics of legal education), so this is a unique opportunity to hire an up-and-coming scholar with an established track record.

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