Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Congratulations to the Chicago Alumni (and Bigelows and other Fellows) Who Accepted Tenure-Track Teaching Positions during 2012-13


This was a phenomenally difficult year on the teaching market, with 20% fewer schools interviewing, and, anecdotally at least, even fewer slots.  (It was the most difficult year on the teaching market in the last twenty years!) Still, it was gratifying that Chicago graduates were extremely successful in securing tenure-track positions; indeed, almost all those below had more than one offer.  They are:

Karen Bradshaw Shulz '10, who will join the faculty at Arizona State University.  She was Comment Editor of the Law Review and clerked for Judge Jolly on the 5th Circuit, before taking up a Fellowship at NYU.  She also earned an MBA prior to Law School.  Her areas include environmental law, property, land use, natural resources, energy law, and real estate transactions.

Justin (Gus) Hurwitz '07, who will join the faculty at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  He has an M.A. in Economics from George Mason, and held the Olin Law & Economics Fellowship at the Law School.   He was a trial attorney in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice for several years, before taking up a Fellowship at Penn.  His areas include intellectual property (including patents), telecommunications law, regulated industries, payment systems, law & technology , contracts and property.

Rhett B. Larson '05, who will join the faculty at the University of Oklahoma, Norman.   He earned an M.Sc. from Oxford University in water  science, policy and management, and practiced with Perkins Coie and Gallagher & Kennedy in Phoenix.  He was also a VAP at Arizona State.  His areas include administrative and environmental law, property, water law, energy and natural resources law, and trusts & estates. 

Anne E. Mullins '04, who will join the faculty at the University of North Dakota.  She graduated with Honors from the Law School and was a member of the Law Review.  She clerked for Chief Judge Vance on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana and for Judge Wiener on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and then was a litigator with Susman Godfrey for five years.  Most recently, she was a VAP at the University of Oregon, where she has taught legal research and writing.  Her areas include trial advocacy, lawyering skills, and judicial writing.

Sherod Thaxton '08, who will join the faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles.  At the Law School, he was a member of the Law Review and an Olin Fellow.  He also earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from Emory University under the direction of leading criminologist Robert Agnew.   His scholarly work on the criminal justice system (esp. capital punishment) is complemented by five years of experience as a principal investigator for the Public Defender in Atlanta prior to law school, and then three years as an attorney for the Federal Public Defender in the Eastern District of California, where he was a member of the Capital Habeas Unit.  Most recently, he was a Dickerson Fellow at Chicago.  His areas include  criminal law, criminal procedure, criminal justice administration, juvenile law, evidence, and law and social science.

Stephen C. Yelderman'10, who will join the faculty at the University of Notre Dame.  He graduated with High Honors and was a member of the Law Review and held an Olin Fellowship while at the Law School.  He also earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and worked as a patent analyst and patent agent prior to Law School.  He clerked for Judge Gorsuch on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and is presently an Honor Attorney with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.  His areas include intellectual property (including patents), property, antitrust, bankruptcy, trusts & estates, and local government law.

Angela Zhang '08, who will join the faculty at King's College, University of London. She also earned a law degree from the University of Peking (as well as a JD here), and an SJD from Chicago, under the supervision of Judge Posner, in 2011.  She practiced bankruptcy, antitrust and trade competition law with Debevoise and Cleary Gottlieb in New York, and with Herbert Smith in London.  Her areas include bankruptcy, international business transactions, corporate and commercial law, antitrust, and law and economics.

Once again, all our Bigelow Fellows on the teaching market secured tenure-track positions; they are:

Anya Bernstein, who will join the faculty at the State University of New York at Buffalo.  She earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago in 2007 and a J.D. from Yale in 2010.  She clerked for Judge Calabresi on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit before coming to Chicago as a Bigelow Fellow.  Her areas include administrative law, federal courts, immigration, legislation, civil procedure, law and society, and comparative law

Alexander Boni-Saenz, who will join the faculty at the Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law.  He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2008, and clerked for Judge Wood on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.  He was then a Skadden Fellow at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago, where he created the Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Seniors, and also represented low-income clients in immigration, consumer, family law, and other matters.  Prior to law school, he earned an M.Sc. in Social Policy & Planning at the London School of Economics and was a Research Associate at the Buehler Center on Aging, Health & Society at Northwestern University.  His areas include family law, property, trusts & estates, health law, and elder law.   

Victoria Schwartz, who will join the faculty at Pepperdine University.   She graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2007, clerked for Judge Bybee on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and was a commercial litigator with O'Melveny & Myers in Los Angeles for three years before coming to Chicago as a Bigelow Fellow.  Her areas include contracts, employment law and employment discrimination, corporate law and governance, intellectual property, and privacy law. 

One other Fellow is presently weighing several offers; I will update this post when her situation is resolved.

In addition, the following alumni accepted VAPs or Fellowships this year (these individuals were not on the broader teaching market this year):

Timothy D. Greene '11 has accepted a Fellowship with the Fair Use Project at the Center for Internet & Society at Stanford Law School.  He graduated cum laude from Cihcago, and has been an intellectual property lawyer in the Technology Transactions Group with Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco since graduating.  His areas include all aspects of intellectual property, with a particular scholarly focus on trademarks.

Laura A. Napoli '10 has accepted a VAP at Arizona State University for 2013-15.  She graduated cum laude from Chicago, where she was a member of the Law Review.  She was a Legal Fellow at the Student Press Law Center and then a corporate and bankruptcy associate at Weil Gotshal in New York.  Her areas include bankruptcy, contracts, corporations, and securities regulation.

William B. Ortman '06 has accepted a Climenko Fellowship at Harvard Law School.  He graduated summa cum laude from Chicago, where he was elected to Order of the Coif and served as Articles Editor of the Law Review.  He clerked for Judge Tatel on the D.C. Circuit, and practiced law in Iowa, where he was a partner, most recently, at Weinhardt & Logan in Des Moines.  His areas include legislation, administrative law, and civil procedure.

Finally, if you're curious, you can read about some of our recent placements in law teaching here and here, and see a more comprehensive listing here.  You can also see a list of past Bigelows and where they now teach here.

UPDATE:  I am very pleased to report that Jennifer Nou, our Public Law Fellow, who had offers all over the country, happily decided to accept our tenure-track offer, and will become a permanent member of the Chicago faculty.

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