Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blogging hiatus for the rest of the month

Spring Break begins here, and I'm on a lecture tour abroad in South America and won't be on the Internet much, if at all, for most of the next two weeks (I also travel with only an ipad which, for reasons unknown, doesn't work with typepad anyway).  Dan Filler will probably also be taking a Spring Break from blogging, but it's possible he may have one or two items; I have one special item pre-scheduled for Monday, and that's it.  Regular blogging will resume in April.  (For those curious, since I know some readers here also occasionally read my philosophy blog too, I always pre-schedule a lot of material for that blog, since it has both more traffic and paying advertisers!  There will also be a guest-blogger there for some of the time.)

I imagine many others are on Spring Break as well; I wish those readers a pleasant break.

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