Thursday, January 10, 2013

National Jurist asked 350 people who "the most influential" individuals are in legal education...

...but they don't disclose how many responded.  Here's the top five according to NJ, some (Tamanaha, Henderson, Chemerinsky etc.) are not surprising.  But I trust that Jack Crittenden, the editor, will disclose the actual number of respondents and their breakdown (how many law school deans really replied to the e-mail survey, for example?).  I e-mailed him a couple of days ago, but have not yet gotten a response.

UPDATE:  Mr. Crittenden reports his "recollection" is that they had "around a 40% response rate," which would be about 140 responses.  I've inquired how many of those were actually Deans and faculty, as opposed to bloggers, journalists, etc.

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