Thursday, December 13, 2012

22% Decline in Total Applicants to Law Schools in November 2012...

...compared to November 2011.  Not a surprise, given the decline in first-time LSAT takers already noted.  

A CORRECTION:  Actually, the figures on LSAT takers were from 2011-12.  In fact, the figures for this year are somewhat better (though pointing towards another significant decline in total applicants, consistent with the November figures):  In June and October 2011, there were declines in LSAT takers of 18.7% and 16.9% respectively from 2010.  In June and October 2012, there were additional declines in LSAT takers of 5.9% and 16.4% respectively from 2011.  

AND NOW A CORRECTION OF THE CORRECTION!  My co-blogger Dan Filler sets the record straight:  "The post of mine that you linked to re: LSAT takers stated that First Time takers were down 18% in October 2012.  The chart you link to today is all takers – repeaters plus  first timers.  First timers are obviously a more significant predictor of applicants.  Data released by LSAC after my post showed that number to be worse than the 18%.  In fact, the October 2012 test run showed a drop in first time takers of 19.6% nationally.  That’s pretty horrible."  Indeed.  (Dan is working off of LSAC data that is not on-line, but available to law schools.)

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