Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SLU Law Dean Resigns Abruptly

Her resignation letter is here, and if the allegations are accurate, then SLU will be hard-pressed to find a new Dean, at least with the current President and Provost in place.  What an embarrassment for SLU!

(Thanks to Sam Bagenstos for the pointer.)

UPDATE:  Dean Clark's letter to faculty and staff, which has even more appalling details.  The SLU Administration is starting to make their DePaul counterparts look like skilled professionals!

ANOTHER:  The University President, Father Biondi, has led the institution for 25 years!  That suggests either that (1) there is more to this story, or (2) he has the Board of Trustees in his pocket (much as the incompetent John Silber did during his years wrecking BU).

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