Friday, November 11, 2011

U.S. Senators who issue press releases like...

...this are plainly gearing up for hearings.  The ABA and AALS are presumably taking note.  For roughly a decade now, I (and others) have been remarking on the fact that the job placement data that law schools report and U.S. News reprints without audit were essentially fiction:  like good fiction, they bear some relationship to reality, but they are primarily a "work of the imagination."  What's obviously changed the equation enough to garner Senatorial attention to the matter is (1) the general economic collapse, which has taken its toll on the legal profession as well, and so highlighted the unreality of many of the employment numbers schools have reported; and (2) the increasing debt burden of law students, which, given (1), are increasingly going to be debts that are not repaid.  One hopes that in addition to calling relevant ABA officials to testify about oversight (or lack thereof), they will also ask Bob Morse to testify, to explain why, despite years of complaints, U.S. News never audited the data it both published in its magazine and factored into its rankings.

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