Wednesday, October 5, 2011

15 More Law Schools Being Sued by Class-Action Lawyers

Details here.  The targets are:  Albany, Baltimore, Brooklyn, California Western, Chicago-Kent, DePaul, Florida Coastal, Hofstra, John Marshall, Pace, San Francisco, Southwestern, St. John's, Villanova, and Widener.

I assume the allegations are similar to those in the earlier suits against Thomas Cooley and New York Law School.  In all these cases, and despite the initial publicity, I suspect these suits aren't going to lead to awards to the plaintiffs unless it turns out these schools were not observing NALP reporting guidelines.  But if they were conforming to national norms for reporting employment data, and plaintiffs then misinterpreted what that data meant, it's hard to see how anyone will recover (there are going to be other barriers to recovery, but this seems the main one).  Of course, if some of these schools did not conform to the NALP rules, that may be a different story.  And Villanova (which has long had a strong niche in the Philadelphia area legal market) may be vulnerable because of the now-admitted fraudulent student credential data reporting that went on for several years.

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