Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A rare triumph for decency in Cyberspace

We had noted aspects of this case previously, but judging from the statement now on the far right "Overlawyered" site, it looks like the victim has prevailed against the ideological zealots he claimed defamed him:

Arthur Alan Wolk, Esquire, Walter K. Olson, David M. Nieporent, Esquire and Overlawyered.com agreed to settle Wolk's longstanding libel claims against Overlawyered.com, et al.

The parties agreed to dismiss with prejudice all litigation pending between them and also agreed to release each other from all claims. Overlawyered.com removed from its web site certain posts about Wolk that led to the case as well as other posts that commented on the case's dismissal by the Court last August. Wolk removed from his web site a post he wrote about Overlawyered.com.

Upon submission of materials to Overlawyered.com in the litigation, Overlawyered learned that Wolk took protections for his clients in the Taylor v. Teledyne case [contrary to earlier allegations posted on Overlawyered.com].


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