Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Villanova Censured by ABA

As I noted previously, Dean John Gotanda at Villanova got stuck with an ugly LSAT/GPA problem during his first week on the job.  Now the ABA has come back with bad news and good news.  

The bad news: Villanova Law was censured for "reprehensible" reporting of inaccurate admissions data from 2005-09 and the inaccuracies were sufficiently serious as to "justify a sanction of probation or removal from the list of approved law schools." 

The good news:  Dean Gotanda's decision to self-report and take immediate remedial action led the ABA to reduce the sanction to a simple censure.  As I said when I first posted on this, you have to give Dean Gotanda credit for staying ahead of the problem.  It must have been particularly difficult for him to stay quiet over the course of the investigation - as he was required to do - while being pilloried in the local Philly press.  Dean Gotanda's letter to the Villanova alumni community, issued on Monday, is here.

From the ABA letter and report, here are the numbers.

Villanova data

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