Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New York Law School, Cooley Law School Sued by Graduates...

...for allegedly reporting misleading employment and salary data.

(Thanks to Jim Nichols for the pointer.)

UPDATE:  There's more information, including the complaints, here.

ANOTHER:  Perusing the complaint against NYLS, it seemed pretty well done, until I got to this laugh-out-loud line:   "Law school professors and deans are perhaps the best remunerated in academia today, enjoying both lavish perks and exorbitant salaries that rival those of Fortune 500 executives."   The complaint is notably silent on what Fortunte 500 execs actually make.   Medical school faculty salaries also dwarf law school faculty salaries, by orders of magnitude (assistant professors of medicine at top schools, in top specialties, can earn a million per year or more).   Law faculty are well-compensated relative to other parts of academia, but the comparison to corporate salaries didn't help the plaintiffs' cause!   Most law professors in the United States earn less than senior associates at major law firms.

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