Friday, August 26, 2011

Chicago Alumni, Bigelows, and Law & Philosophy Candidates on the Teaching Market


The Placement Committee at the University of Chicago Law School--myselfDouglas Baird, and Lisa Bernstein--is ready to provide hiring schools with information about our nine alums, as well as our three Bigelows (Andres Sawicki, who is also a Chicago grad, Naomi Schoenbaum, and Julia Simon-Kerr), on the market this year.  Feel free to start with me or Professor Bernstein, as Co-Chairs of this year's Committee.   Where appropriate, we can direct you to other colleagues for more information on the candidates.

We have Chicago grads on the teaching market this year in a rich array of areas:  federal courts, civil procedure, contracts, constitutional law, international law, local government, intellectual property, property, employment discrimination, clinical teaching, criminal law and procedure, communications law, and national security law, among others.  Some of our candidates are clearly "best athlete" candidates that schools without particular curricular priorities ought to see.  We will try to offer candid and informative guidance about the strengths of all our candidates.  

In addition, I am also recommending an outstanding Law & Philosophy candidate, Michael Sevel, currently a VAP at Miami (and previously a post-doc on the law faculty at the EUI in Florence), and who is on the market for the first time this year.  He also teaches and writes in admiralty/maritime law, and teaches torts.  (I have a detailed letter I can provide on Dr. Sevel.)  I also am familiar with several of the other Law & Philosophy candidates on the market this year, and would be happy to give my views on them.

Finally, I am also happy to provide a reference for Justin Schwartz, a lateral candidate with extensive practice experience and a wide range of intellectual and scholarly expertise.

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