Friday, June 10, 2011

In Memoriam: Steven Gey

As both Franita Tolson and Howard Wasserman have noted, Professor Steven Gey of the Florida State University School of Law, passed away on June 9.  I only met Steve a couple of times, but he was always incredibly thoughtful and kind.  He had been in a battle with ALS since 2006 - when he was told he had three years to live.  During his illness, Dan Markel posted several memorable life updates from Steve here,  here, and here

Steve didn't let up the whole time.  What was doing as the illness took its toll?  Writing law review articles of course!

See, e.g., Why Should Free Speech Protect Government Speech When the Government Has Nothing to Say?, 95 Iowa L. Rev. 1259 (2010); The Brandenberg Paradigm and Other First Amendments, 12 Pa. J. Const. Law 971 (2010); The Procedural Annihilation of Structural Rights, 61 Hastings L.J. 1 (2009).

Watch the video of a wonderful old graduation speech by Professor Gey here.

We will miss him.

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