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Corporate Practice Commentator's "Top 10" Corporate & Securities Articles for 2010

Here it is:

The Corporate Practice Commentator is pleased to announce the results of its seventeenth annual poll to select the ten best corporate and securities articles.  Teachers in corporate and securities law were asked to select the best corporate and securities articles from a list of articles published and indexed in legal journals during 2010.   More than 440 articles were on this year’s list.  Because of the vagaries of publication, indexing, and mailing, some articles published in 2010 have a 2009 date, and not all articles containing a 2010 date were published and indexed in time to be included in this year’s list. Because of ties, there are eleven on this year’s list.

The articles, listed in alphabetical order of the initial author, are:

Ayotte, Kenneth and David A. Skeel, Jr. Bankruptcy or bailouts? 35 J. Corp. L. 469-498 (2010).

Bebchuk, Lucian A. and Ehud Kamar. Bundling and entrenchment. 123 Harv. L. Rev. 1549-1595 (2010).

Bebchuk, Lucian A. and Holger Spamann.  Regulating bankers’ pay.  98 Geo. L.J. 247-287 (2010).

Bratton, William W. and Michael L. Wachter.  The case against shareholder empowerment.  158 U. Pa. L. Rev. 653-728 (2010).

Choi, Albert and George Triantis.  Strategic vagueness in contract design:  The case of corporate acquisitions.  119 Yale L.J. 848-924 (2010).

Choi, Stephen, Jill Fisch and Marcel Kahan. The power of proxy advisors: Myth or reality? 59 Emory L.J. 869-918 (2010).

Kahan, Marcel and Edward Rock. Embattled CEOs. 88 Tex. L. Rev. 987-1051 (2010).

Roe, Mark J.  Delaware’s shrinking half-life.  62 Stan. L. Rev. 125-154 (2009).

Squire, Richard.  Shareholder opportunism in a world of risky debt.  123 Harv. L. Rev. 1151-1213 (2010).

Strine, Leo E., Lawrence A. Hamermesh, R. Franklin Balotti, and Jeffrey M. Gorris. Loyalty's core demand: The defining role of good faith in corporation law. 98 Geo. L.J. 629-696 (2010).

Subramanian, Guhan, Steven Herscovici and Brian Barbetta. Is Delaware's antitakeover statute unconstitutional? Evidence from 1988-2008. 65 Bus. Law. 685-752 (2010).

Harvard (Bebchuk, Spamann, Triantis, Roe, Subramanian), NYU (S. Choi, Kahan), and Penn faculty (Skeel, Bratton, Wachter, Fisch, Rock) dominate the list.

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