Friday, December 17, 2010

A great new way to waste time!

I refer, of course, to Google book search, which allows you to chart references to names and topics over time.  Here, for example, are references to some law bloggers (plus Frederick Schauer, for a 'control' as it were) since 1995.  What does this all mean?  I've no idea, but I'm sure it will make for lots of holiday amusement.  Here's a NY Times piece on the new toy.

UPDATE:  And some more:

1.  Six "household names" of the legal academy:  Ronald Dworkin (NYU), Richard Epstein (Chicago/NYU), Martha Nussbaum (Chicago), Richard Posner (Chicago), Cass Sunstein (Harvard), Catharine MacKinnon (Michigan).

2.  Some giants of constitutional law.

3.  Some leading legal historians.

4.  Some leading law & economics scholars.

5.  Legal philosophers:  Over 70.

6.  Legal philosophers:  Under 70.  (No way to search reliably for Michael S. Moore, however.)

7.  Some leading corporate law scholars.

Have fun by designing your own.

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