Friday, November 5, 2010

Best Law School Faculties in Legal History: The Poll

Have fun!  25 faculties, out of which we'll try to find the top ten using proven scientific methods.  Please don't vote unless you actually do some reading in this field!!!

ADDENDUM:  I omitted, by accident, Cary Franklin from the faculty that includes Forbath, Kadens et al. and David Engstrom from the faculty that includes Dauber, Friedman et al.

TSK, TSK:  Someone who ranks Illinois #1, Berkeley #2, Harvard #3, and everyone else #25 isn't really making an honest effort, now are they?

HEADING TO DISQUALIFICATION?  Now someone has rated Illinois #1, Berkeley #2, and everyone else #25.  The impact of this kind of embarrassing strategic voting is actually minimal, given how Condorcet works.  Still, it's disappointing. 

AN OBSERVATION:  After Mary Dudziak (USC) at the Legal History Blog linked to this poll, schools with particular strengths in American legal history (which seems to be the disproportionate focus of that blog) surged forward.  Not sure what to make of that, though perhaps it reflects the relative importance assigned to that field among legal academics.

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