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Visiting Faculty at Top Six Law Schools, 2010-11, Final


As I've done before, I'm posting a list of the visiting professors (who hold university appointments elsewhere) at the top six law schools, the schools that are "top six" by almost all measures of faculty quality--which are also the schools that also typically have the most visiting professors on a regular basis.  While many visiting stints are made with an eye to possible permanent appointment, not all are; some are so-called "podium" visits, which aim to fill an immediate teaching need at the school.   By my calculation, for example, less than 15% of the visits last year resulted in (or are in process of resulting in) offers of permanent employment--but a somewhat higher percentage of the non-podium visits resulted in such offers.  Often visitors from local schools in the area are invited for podium visit purposes--though some "locals" may also be "look-see" visitors, i.e., under consideration for appointment.  NYU also has a fair number of "enrichment" and "global" visitors, well-known senior folks who are keen to spend some time in, but who aren't necessarily interested in, or being considered for, lateral moves.  (Columbia gets some of these folks too.)  From the outside, of course, it's very hard to tell all these apart, so here, without further comment, are the visiting professors for 2010-11; please e-mail me about omissions or corrections, and I will update the list at various intervals over the next couple of months and move it to the front.

Please note that not every visit, below, is for the entire academic year; indeed, my guess is at least half are not, meaning students can expect many of these faculty to *also* be teaching at their home institution.  In the case of HLS, many of the visitors come in the Winter Term, i.e., just the month of January.

Please also note that this is supposed to be a list of visiting faculty who have gone through some kind of appointments process at the school at which they are visiting, whether a process for look-see visitors, "enrichment" visitors, or podium visitors.  These are supposed to be faculty who are teaching at the host school and who are being paid by the host school to teach.

Note that there's been a big drop-off in visitors from prior years, no doubt reflecting the financial situation of even the richest law schools.

Yale Law School

Michael Fischl (University of Connecticut)

Richard Thompson Ford (Stanford University)

Edward Janger (Brooklyn Law School)

Amy Kapczynski (University of California, Berkeley)

Ruth Mason (University of Connecticut)

Edward A. Purcell (New York Law School)

Norman Silber (Hofstra University)

Alexander Streimitzer (University of Bonn)

Patrick Weil (University of Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne)

Harvard Law School

Philip Alston (New York University)

Robert Anderson (University of Washington)

Antony Anghie (University of Utah)

Jack Beermann (Boston University)

Alma Cohen (Tel-Aviv University)

Daniel Coquillette (Boston College)

Bala Dharan (Rice University)

Horst Eidenmueller (Ludwix-Maxmillians University)

David Estlund (Brown University)

Moshe Halbertal (New York University; Hebrew University)

Vicki Jackson (Georgetown University)

Sanford Levinson (University of Texas, Austin)

Lynn LoPucki (University of Califiornia, Los Angeles)

Catharine MacKinnon (University of Michigan)

Chibli Mallat (University of Utah)

Gillian Metzer (Columbia University)

Katherine Porter (University of Iowa)

Diane Ring (Boston College)

James Salzman (Duke University)

Robert Sloane (Boston University)

Norman Spaulding (Stanford University)

Michael A. Stein (College of William & Mary)

Timothy Wu (Columbia University)

University of Chicago Law School

Alicia Davis (University of Michigan)

Takeshi Fujitani (Hokkaido University)

G. Mitu Gulati (Duke University)

Ariel Porat (University of Tel Aviv)

Gerhard Wagner (University of Bonn)

Stanford Law School

Robert W. Gordon (Yale University) [former Stanford faculty]

Dan Hulsebosch (New York University)

Mark McKenna (University of Notre Dame)

Bernadette Meyler (Cornell University)

William Simon (Columbia University) [emeritus, Stanford]

Columbia Law School

Akhil Amar (Yale University)

William Eskridge, Jr. (Yale University)

Jody Kraus (University of Virginia)

Daniel Rodriguez (University of Texas, Austin)

Olivier de Schutter (University of Louvain)

Paul Stephan (University of Virginia)

Horatia Muir Watt (University of Paris I)

Joseph Weiler (New York University)

New York University School of Law

Ken Ayotte (Northwestern University)

Jonathan Barnett (University of Southern California)

Michal Barzuza (University of Virginia)

Franco Ferrari (University of Verona)

Victor Fleischer (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Douglas Kysar (Yale University)

Maximo Langer (University of California, Los Angeles)

Dotan Oliar (University of Virginia)

Daniel Rubinfeld (University of California, Berkeley)

Adam Samaha (University of Chicago)

Geoffrey Stone (University of Chicago)

Amanda Tyler (George Washington University)

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