Friday, September 10, 2010

Failed Law Dean Candidate at Windsor Claims Discrimination

There's a dust-up at the University of Windsor law school - a Canadian institution located walking distance from United States.  The basic storyline is familiar: the faculty conducts a dean search, the committee identifies two finalists, and in the end, nobody is hired.  But one of the finalists - Windsor faculty member Emily Carasco - is calling foul.  According to the National Post, Carasco's complaint to to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario alleges that:

Prof. [Richard] Moon “sabotaged” her candidacy in a “personal attack,” with “overblown, hearsay-based allegations of plagiarism,” which the school used as a “convenient pretext” to reject her candidacy with “indecent haste.” All of this, she alleges, was motivated by racism and sexism, and the school’s refusal to accept a woman of colour as a leader. She claims the school found her “threatening” because of her intentions to “do more than pay lip service to equity” by addressing the “distinct contrast” between the diverse student population and the “white male leadership.”

The Post article offers more details regarding the plagiarism claims. Carasco is asking the Tribunal to appoint her dean for a five year, renewable term.

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