Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are you at a school doing rookie hiring this year?

MOVING TO FRONT FROM AUGUST 31, 2010 (with new update)

The Placement Committee at the University of Chicago Law School--myselfDouglas Baird, and Lisa Bernstein--is ready to provide you with information about our dozen-or-so alumni candidates (both JD and SJD alums), as well as our two excellent Bigelows on the market (Anthony Casey, who is also a Chicago grad, and Anthony Niblett).   For the Bigelows, it makes most sense to touch base with Professor Baird, who has worked closely with both of them.  On the Chicago alums, you may contact any of us (Professors Baird and Bernstein are references for some of our alums), though please also feel free to start with me, as I am  Co-Chair (with Professor Bernstein) of this year's Committee.   Where appropriate, I can direct you to other Committee members and colleagues for more information on the candidates.

We have Chicago grads on the teaching market this year in a rich array of areas--commercial law, bankruptcy, antitrust, property, constitutional law, remedies, intellectual property, law and social science, law and economics, comparative constitutional law, criminal law and procedure, legislation, education law, civil procedure, and administrative law, among other areas.  We will try to offer candid and informative guidance about the strengths of these candidates.  

In addition, it's a strong year for Law and Philosophy candidates, some of whom I am a reference for (such as Michael Sevel and Kevin Toh) and others of whom I know through their work (such as Matthew Lister).  Please feel free to contact me about these candidates as well.

UPDATE:  Dr. Sevel has accepted a VAP at the University of Miami Law School for 2011-12, and so has withdrawn from this year's market in order to concentrate on his writing while at the European University Institute in Florence (being on the job market from Europe is not simple!).  He will be on the market next fall.  Thanks to those who inquired, and hopefully you will have an opportunity to meet him next year.

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