Monday, July 12, 2010

Salaries for law professors at a wide array of public universities

This site collects data in the public domain for salaries across different fields, including law, at a wide array of public universities.  It is often, but not always, possible to search by "law," though in some cases you need to search by name.  Anyone thinking of an academic career in law ought to spend some time looking at this data in order to get a realistic sense of what the financial future might look like.  There is considerable variation even among public university law schools--contrast, e.g., at one end places like Michigan, Virginia, Texas, and (at least at the high end) Illinois, with Wisconsin and Missouri.  Bear in mind that the data does not always include summer salaries (the Texas data does not, for example, and in many cases that increases the amount by a third).   Law professors are certainly well-compensated, with senior faculty typically having a reasonable expectation of compensation in the 200-300K range.   Michigan, Virginia, and Texas are fairly indicative of what top private law schools pay as well.

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