Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank God for the comments sections on blogs...

...for without them we'd be deprived of such gems as this comment by "Former Army MP" from the Volokh blog (reacting, bizarrely, to a sensible post by Orin Kerr [GW] which effectively parodies another oddball item by Eugene Volokh [UCLA] about the scandal du jour):

Former Army MP says:

There are simply things that cannot be said in the higher levels of the legal academy.

1. You are not allowed to mention anything about Jews, unless commenting on the horror of the Nazis or busting on America for not doing enough to rescue them. This is not a joke, simply do not do it. You will be punished if you do.

2. The running mate of 1. Any request made by Jewish faculty or fellow students must be followed. They want goat cheese pizza, or all Friday night events canceled? Do it and shut up. You will be punished if you do not.

3. You must never mention race at all. If it is brought up, and a comment made by a student of that race, you may agree sometimes. Be careful, best to keep your mouth shut at all times.

4. The running mate of 3. There will be times when a hate crime is committed. Never express any doubt that it happened or state that the story makes no sense. If the police or the U have proof it was faked, the story will just go away. Never mention it again. 

5. Never ever suggest that most of the girls in your class will work for four years, and marry a doctor or corporate VP and jump to the baby track. You will be toast if you do.

I do wonder whether this Christian white man, consumed as he is with anger and resentment at Jews, minorities and women, is a law student.  Let us hope he is not.

UPDATE:  This is also amusing.

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