Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten Especially Significant Lateral Moves in the Legal Academy in 2009

You can review the several dozen moves recorded under the "Faculty News" category last year, but here are ten highlights from the year, moves that are likely to have siginficant effects for the hiring schools going forward; in some cases where a school made a big investment in a field, I bundle the moves:

1.  Jose Alvarez (international law) and Ryan Goodman (international law) from, respectively, Columbia University and Harvard University to New York University.

2.  Bernard Black (corporate law, empirical legal studies) and Kate Litvak (corporate law and finance) both from the University of Texas, Austin to Northwestern University.

3.  Daniel Bodansky (international law) from the University of Georgia to Arizona State University.

4.  David Kaye (evidence) from Arizona State University to Pennsylvania State University.

5.  Michael McConnell (constitutional law) from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit to Stanford University.

6.  Mathew McCubbins (positive political theory) from the University of California, San Diego to the University of Southern California.

7.  Thomas W. Merrill (administrative law, property) from Yale University back to Columbia University.

8.  Michael Schill (property) from a very successful Deanship at the University of California, Los Angeles to the Deanship at the University of Chicago.

9.  Ronen Avraham (torts, law & economics) and Abraham Wickelgren (law & economics) both from Northwestern University to the University of Texas, Austin.

10.  Patricia White (tax, jurisprudence) from Arizona State University, where she had been a very successful Dean, to the Deanship at the University of Miami, which is committed to a major expansion in faculty size.

There are more I could have included, of course--UC Irvine, for example, continued to do notable hiring in 2009 (including Christopher Tomlins [legal history] from the American  Bar Foundation and R. Anthony Reese [intellectual property] from the University of Texas at Austin, among others).  Another new law school, Drexel, also continued its aggressive recruitment of new faculty, including a leading ERISA authority, Norman Stein, from the University of Alabama.  And so on.  There were also moves announced in 2009 that won't transpire until 2010, such as Ronald Mann (commercial law) who is moving from Columbia University back to the University of Texas at Austin.  Do scroll through the faculty news category for more.


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